Nordisk Film Biografer

Brüel & Kjær

I currently work as a student software developer in Brüel & Kjær where i develope applications for company's tesers and managers.

I work as cinema employee and on a iOS application for employees

My Projects


TheRulebook is a math application for highschool students. I created this application back in 2016, for the danish highschools and the applications is still widely uset today. You can find the application at and you can download it for free.

I started this project started with a friend, but my friend left really early on in the process for another project he wanted to work on. I built 95% of all the code and designed it.

My Role:


JAVA, Eclipse, WindowBuilder, Database Integration, MySQL

TFS-JIRA Connection

TFS-JIRA Connection one of the biggest project i have ever been involved in. This application was created for Brüel & Kjær and it was created to simplify the test developers and the projectmanagers job. The main purpose of the application was to gather all test error exceptions for the test developers and, sort them and visualize them in a graph. Besides that it also gave the employees the oppertunity to look up and see if we already had an active JIRA issue on the specific error message or if we should create one. This application really implifyed the emplyees job and gave the projectmanager a better overview of which errors we where currently working on (fixing) and which errors we should prioritice. If you would like to hear more about this proejct and which tools i used to accomplish this click here..

My Role:

I started this project and i was the only developer working on this, in the beginning. I used some librarys and references to other projects which my colleges had created in ASP.NET but the rest was done from scratch. I created an TFS Extension webside in Angular (frontend) and i created the ASP.NET backend which i also hosted on a local webserver in the company. I also created and configured an SQL database on the server side and hosted my API on the serverside aswell. Every part of the project got connected and all the components worked togeter to solve the task.


Microsoft TFS/VSTS Extension, SQL Server Management Studio (database), ASP.NET, Angular 5, HTML, CSS, C#, Entity Framework.

NFB luk

NFB luk is an IOS applcation for the apple iphones. I created this app for Norfisk Film Biografer to help the empolyees to close thown the cinema at night. The applcation has verious functions and one of them is to keep track of when to close every cinemahall after the movie finishes. The application is also able to help them do the financial accounting when we close down and it also holds a list of our cinema rules and how we sould react in varius situations. Last but not least the application also has an contact function where the application can call the bosses and the IT-departments just with a single click. In over all the application will make the job easier for the employees and it will simplify their job a lot.

My Role:

I worke as an cinema emplyee my self and i thought we could use something to make our job easier. Therefor i decided to take an IOS swift developent course and create this applicaion do make the job easier. I am the only developer in this project and i also did all the graphical design.


xCode, IOS development, swift, Unit testing, UI-test

Hi my name is Kristofer Mar Einarsson and i am 21 years old. My biggest dream is to become an very skilled and dedicated software architect but i still have a long way to go. I still need some experience in the field but i do my best to evolve every day. I like to experiment with new frameworks and languages, but i also really think its important to specialice in some languge to be able to master to it's fullest. My main programming languages are C#, Swift and Angular 5.


I'm currently still a student at my 7'th semester and i will finish my educated as software engineer in the matter of 8 months. I study software technology at the Technical University Of Denmark and i love it.


I like playing videogames and hang out with my friends. I'm a huge fan of building small applications and do stuff on my compter also. I love the move "intersteller" and i love playing basketball.